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Recognizing How the Enemy Gets Into Our Souls - Ephesians 4:25-27, 31-32

Jul 07, 2015 / Eileen Marx / From the series #Deliverance: Demolishing Strongholds

#Deliverance: Demolishing Strongholds Series ArtDrugs, alcohol, and addiction to pornography are not the only strongholds Satan can have in the believer's life. Strongholds like unforgiveness, resentment, anger, fear, unbelief, and bitterness can be terminal. These strongholds are destructive and can silently debilitate the soul. It's time for some honest self-examination—time to recognize what is hindering your spiritual growth. It's time to take action. Determine to put a stop to these strongholds and go deeper with the Lord. #Deliverance: Demolishing Strongholds teaches women how to demolish the barriers that are keeping us from living the abundant life.