Photos / Live Abundantly: A Study in the Book of Ephesians

At she Ministries' Live Abundantly study on Tuesday, October 20, ladies learned about how Jesus bridged the gap between us and God. Natalie Wylie and Michelle Sharp opened the night by sharing beautiful songs of worship before Zanetta Romero made announcements. Then, Lenya Heitzig began her message called "Love Can Build a Bridge" from Ephesians 2:11-22. She explained that Jesus is the greatest bridge builder because, through His loving sacrifice, He made a way for sinful humanity to cross the chasm between us and a holy God. She reminded us that because we have been reconciled to God through Christ, we've been given the ministry to reconcile people with God and with one another. After the teaching, all of the ladies broke off into their small groups to engage in fellowship and prayer.