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Nov 10, 2014 / Comments (0) / Written by Maria Pardo


I was going through the jumbled mess of dangling earrings in my jewelry box and thought, There must be a better way to organize this and save time. After a quick search on Pinterest for “earring organizer,” I came up with this idea for a DIY project. I made this for under $10 and used items already on hand. You can also repurpose an unused frame or one found at a secondhand store.

Supplies needed:
1 open picture frame (8x10” to 11x14” opening, or desired frame size)
1 pack of picture-hanging hardware, including hanging wire (I purchased mine in a boxed kit from Hobby Lobby for $2.99. It contained hanging wire, finishing nails, curved hooks, and frame mounts.)
Ribbons, beads, lace, paint, and other decorative items


Small hammer
Hot glue gun and multipurpose crafting glue sticks (Use caution with the hot glue gun and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.)

1. Measure and mark at 2” increments along the back of the frame on the vertical sides. Center the marks on the back or place them inside the lip of the frame. (Inside the lip is the ideal position if the opening is deep enough, that way the frame can hang flush against the wall.)

2. Make a small starting hole with a nail at each mark, then screw the loop hooks into the holes securely.

3. Stretch the hanging wire across the back between the hooks. Cut to the frame width, leaving 1” extra per side. Attach one side by looping it through a hook and twisting the wire around itself.

4. Pull the wire tightly, and loop it through the hook on the other side of the frame; twist this end around the tightened wire to secure it.

5. Turn the frame to the front side. Using the hot glue gun and glue sticks, decorate with ribbons, buttons, beads, lace, and any other desired accessories.

6. Gather three to five additional nails from the framing hardware. Measure along the bottom edge of the frame every 2” and center. Hammer these nails halfway , creating hooks for necklaces, headbands, and other jewelry items. (For more places to hang items, you can also add one nail to each long side of your frame towards the top; measure and center these nails to the frame.)

7. If the frame does not have a wall-hanging bracket, take one from the hardware, measure to the back center of the frame, and attach the hanging bracket to the back.

8. Hang it in your desired location, add your jewelry, and enjoy your newly organized accessories!

Time: 35 minutes, although more may be needed if you want to paint the frame or put more detail into your design

Difficulty: Average

Cost: $10 or less

For more variations, you can stain the wooden frame, paint it, Mod Podge it, or use different shapes and sizes of frames. Even an oval or odd shaped frame would make a great look for this project!

I love to have pretty decorations in my room, but it is even better if the item can serve a purpose. This finished jewelry frame looks great by a dresser or vanity, adding an attractive piece to the room while being organizational too.

Maria Pardo


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