The Aroma of Eternity

Sep 26, 2012 / Comments (0) / Written by Jaime Carrillo

"In quietness and trust will be your strength, but you would have none of it" (Isa. 30:15, NIV).

Busyness is trending these days, wouldn't you agree? We get so caught up in being busy, being a do-er, a run-around-er, especially this time of year... But as we read God's Word, we are reminded that He wants to slow us down and bring us into His presence. We need to give Him access!

I'm reminded of a walk I took on the trail across the street from my house, when I lived in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. For many years, this trail was a sanctuary and refuge, but due to busyness, I had gotten out of the habit of retreating there. We had just had a fresh dump of snow, and I desperately needed to decompress.

As I journeyed on the trail and submerged myself in the pions and junipers, a chorus of drops from the melting snow summoned me and seduced me like a sweet symphony.  Its serenade completely surrounded me. The crisp air around me enticed me and lured me in further with its sweet fragrance.

As the sun bullied its way through the thick gray clouds, it boldly shone beams of light and scattered through the trees to cast shadows in mosaic patterns beneath my feet. All the while, birdsong danced in my ears as each unique bird competed for my attention.

Every other tree that I passed proudly displayed its ornamental web of moss like a delicate curtain of lace.

With a random display of rabbit, elk, and deer tracks around me and the crunching sound of pine cones echoing with each step I took, I began to contemplate the tranquility and restfulness of that afternoon. It was dreamy and ethereal. I felt exhilarated and revitalized -- yet at the same time I could feel my inner man exhale. All my senses were piqued, yet my spirit was quieted. I could feel every fiber of my being receive refreshment. I could feel His presence.

Carmen Camino said, "When we rest, we experience the aroma of eternity." Don't you just love that?

I challenge you to take some time today to be still: Take a walk, ride your bike, climb a tree, sit on your porch, and listen. Be still and listen. And if you will do that -- if you will really listen -- you can hear them...all of them...all of creation around you...screaming, "Elohim made us!"

"Be still, and know that I am God" (Isa. 46:10, NKJV).

Jaime Carrillo


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