Be Confident ... In The Lord

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As women, it is not uncommon for us to struggle with the concept of self-worth. Many of us spend time questioning our contribution to the events surrounding our lives. We ask ourselves such things as, "Where do I fit? Am I needed? Do I measure up? What do they think of me?" Our value has nothing to do with how we answer these questions, but everything to do with how God answers them. When we attempt to evaluate our own worth, we rarely feel adequate. We place expectations and demands upon ourselves that are not from the Lord. God does not compare our lives with any other human being-we do that to ourselves.

God created each of us with a unique personality and purpose. He asks only that we rely on Him to accomplish this purpose. Our value is not found in striving to achieve, or in emulating another, but our worth is defined by being the person God has designed us to be.  We do not need to feel inadequate or intimidated, fearful or envious. We need only allow the Lord to instill His perfect balance in our lives and to let Him be the source of our courage and confidence.

As we examine our hearts, let's purpose to be grateful for whom we are, and to eagerly anticipate how the Lord will use us in the lives of those He allows us to touch. (Ps 139:13-18; Eph 2:10; 1 John 5:14)


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