Being the Older Woman Has Its Definite Perks

Nov 07, 2011 / Comments (0) / Written by Nichol Naranjo

I have SO, SO much to be thankful for, none of which I deserve. However, today I can't help but think of and give thanks for the godly, female mentors God has so graciously put in my path throughout the thirty-three years of my life. They are too numerous to count, but each has made such a marvelous impact in my life, and continues to do so! In fact, my oldest daughter, JeNe, is named after one of my first (other than my mother and sister) mentors.

JeNee, was a youth group leader at my church. This godly woman invested so many of her resources into me, including an abundance of patience with my difficult, bratty middle school self. She made salsa just about every time we met and I'm sure she's the reason I love salsa to this day. The list grows from there and still today, I have several amazing mentors who help me continue to grow into the woman GOD has called me to be. (My mother and sister continue to be on this list, by the way.)

I feel beyond humbled and grateful for the women who rebuke, instruct, edify, love, hold up, cry with, laugh with, walk with, run with, eat with, and basically give me an insatiable desire to be more like Jesus. This is exactly what the Bible instructs us women to do in Titus 2:3-5: the older women should admonish the younger, to be teachers of good things (paraphrased).

I want to encourage you and myself to do the same. Invest in the women or girls around you. If you have daughters, invest in them first and foremost, then as the Lord leads. You can make all the difference in another woman or girl's life. Younger can also apply to someone younger "spiritually". Maybe this means doing a Bible study together. Or, it can be as simple as grabbing coffee together as you are able. It doesn't have to be complicated or draining. Often, we desire to make a huge, radical difference in this world, but sometimes all God wants is for us to make a huge, radical difference in ONE person's world, for His kingdom.

Nichol Naranjo


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