Back to the Basics

Oct 03, 2011 / Comments (0) / Written by Nichol Naranjo

With September well upon us I've been thinking about what it means to get "back to the basics". I don't know about you all, but I often need to be reminded to get back to the basics. This pertains to all areas of my life. If I'm eating out too much, I have to stop and ask myself why. Usually, it's simply that I need to plan my meals for the week (once again) and get to the grocery store. If my house is feeling chaotic and disorganized, I simply have to look around, plan, declutter, and re-organize.

If I realize I'm not spending enough quality time with my family, it's usually because my plate is too full and I'm allowing myself to be pulled in too many directions. Solution? Scale back, reorganize time, and say no. Say no? Yes, for the sake of all you love, become familiar with the word. I've learned this one the hard way.

Sometimes, okay, too often, I have to get back to the basics with exercise. I have to make myself make time for it and often ask someone to keep me accountable.

Another area I have to be reminded to get back to the basics in my life, and it's a HUGE, very important area, is my quiet time. If I began to realize I'm skipping a day here and there, or several days, or maybe I'm doing my quiet time consistently, but I know it's lacking somehow, sometimes I'm trying to have "super" quiet time and it becomes more about me. I have to bring myself back to the basics. First by praying, asking God to reveal where I'm lacking and to change my heart. Asking God what He wants our time together to look like. Then, if necessary, rising earlier, keeping my Bible, journal, pen, and highlighter next to my bed. This is one of those basics that will affect all of the previous areas I mentioned. Time with the Lord is vital. To a Christian, it's like oxygen, breathing life into all areas of our lives. Literal Living Water. If you find you are lacking in this area dear ladies, I challenge you, and myself, to remember to get back to the basics. It starts with simply opening His word, our Bible.

Nichol Naranjo


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