First Home

Apr 22, 2011 / Comments (0) / Written by Misty Foster

My husband and I are entering a new season in life. We just moved out of an apartment and into our first house. Though we are renting, we truly feel the Lord led us to this house and has us in the perfect place. To us it's home. We moved the first of March and have grown to love our house more and more each day. Each morning we discover something new, different, and far better than apartment living. I have spent weekends in the front and back yards cleaning out the weeds and raking and bagging leaves. I have watered and loved on the plants that seem to have been ignored for more than one season. We have cooked out on the back porch and enjoyed the spring breeze as we sat down to dinner with the back door open.

But, in all of that, just a few days ago was the best day yet. I woke up to a gloomy sky and darkened room and as I walked to the kitchen to start my morning coffee, I realized it was raining. In my bare feet and robe, enjoying my first cup of the day, I watched as the rain covered my newly weeded backyard. Normally, my morning is a hustle and bustle of activity getting ready for the day and getting my husband off to work. But that day, it was a lovely gift: I just stood and enjoyed hearing the raindrops bouncing off of the skylight in our kitchen. I thanked God for His provision and for such an incredible gift. I had asked Him for a home that we could use to bless others. What He gave us instead was a gift of a home that warmed our hearts and that we are flourishing in. Isn't it just like our Lord to answer our request in far more abundance than we ask or think? I simply asked for a home I would love: He gave me a home that I not only love, but that I love being in, love taking care of, and love coming back to each day. Some days, like the day it rained, it's hard for me to leave for work. I wish I could stand around all day, sipping coffee and watching the rain.

Misty Foster


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