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"Love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your mind, heart and with your entire being" (Deut 11:13, Amp).

The love that God has for you and your love for Him should compel you to live a healthy life. Here is a good place to begin by getting to know the type of food that your body loves, not craves, but loves.

  1. Protein types live to eat: Too many carbs make protein types feel sleepy an hour after their meal. Make your protein portion the size of   your whole hand.
  2. Carb types eat to live: Too much protein make carb types feel sluggish and have difficulty concentrating after a meal. Make your carb portion the size of two fists.
  3. Mixed types are a combination of both: Eat one palm of protein and one-half fist of starchy carbs or three handfuls of non-starchy carbs.

Start out your healthy diet as a mixed type and keep a journal of how you feel after each meal. Remember....

"I am God's workmanship and a new person in Jesus Christ so that I can do the good things He planned for me long ago"(Eph 2:10 paraphrased).

For more information visit/read:

Chek, Paul, How to Eat Move and Be Healthy, Chapter 3: The No Diet Diet, Vista, California: C.H.E.K. Institute Publishing, 2004, 43-53.

Wolcott, William L. & Fahey, Trish The Metabolic Typing Diet, New York, New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002.

Always consult with your doctor before implementing a new diet/exercise program.



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