Pray ... and Do Your Homework Together!

Feb 03, 2011 / Comments (0) / Written by Deb De La Rosa

When my two children were young, there were many, many days when I didn't think we could get through homework, soccer, dinner, laundry, chores, talking to my husband, going through the mail, working... you get the picture. Of course, I put Bible study last on a list that felt never ending. Over and over again, everything fell out of order and I truly felt it. My family did, too.

What is a wife and woman after God's own heart? What is a mom to do?


I was stressed on many levels: But God...


I prayed.


My prayer was answered and gave way to perseverance and structure for our family. I no longer wanted to leave Him out of what I saw as chaos. There was a plan! It was a lesson for me.


His direction was...


Every day, once we were finally home from everything, the kids and I sat at the dining room table and worked on our homework. The dining room is right by the kitchen: while I made dinner, the three of us studied. Of course I asked all the pertinent questions about their homework. Then one day, they asked about my homework! I was thrilled to say I was studying the Bible.


Please persevere in your prayer life. Give it all to Him. Be open to His direction. Listen to His whispering.

Deb De La Rosa


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