Seven Needs of a Husband

Jan 18, 2011 / Comments (0) / Written by Jen Santiago

The other day while doing online research, I stumbled across one of Holly Furtik's blog blurbs. A group of men completed a survey that consisted of one question, "What is one thing you need from your wife?" The answers boiled down to seven needs. It prompted my heart to be a "doer of the word" as in James by making sure I'm meeting the needs of my husband. I pray it does the same for you!

1. I need you to take care of you: your health, happiness, your intimacy with God.

2. I need you to believe in me.

3. I need you to encourage me:

         I'm with you no matter what.

         I know you best and love you most.

         Who cares what they think?

4. I need you to help keep me focused on what really matters.

5. I need you to make our home-base a place where I feel safe.

6. I need you to pray for me. You know what to pray better than anyone.

7. I need you to remind me of God's past faithfulness.


Jen Santiago


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